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Compliance refers to the fulfillment of obligations, both of an imperative nature as a consequence of compliance with a standard with legal status, and of those that Cahero Holding has decided to assume voluntarily and at the top of which is the Code of Conduct.

Who takes care of Compliance?

The existence of a true culture of Compliance requires the action of all the people who make up Cahero Holding In order to help maintain this Culture, the Compliance Committee has been set up to ensure respect for the obligations that affect Cahero Holding.

How can I report a violation?

Cahero Holding makes the Ethical Channel available to all its members and third parties, a tool through which they must report breaches of legislation, the Code of Conduct, as well as any other internal norm or policy.

Communication with the Ethics Channel is confidential. The data processing will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the current personal data protection regulations.

What are the internal regulations regarding Compliance?

At the epicenter of Cahero Holding Compliance culture is the Code of Conduct that sets out the behavioral guidelines expected of all Cahero Holding members. In this sense, all workers, managers and people associated with Cahero Holding are expected to comply with the aforementioned Code, as well as with the rest of the development regulations.

Cahero Holding has equipped itself with a Criminal Compliance and anti-bribery Management System in order to structure an environment for the prevention, detection and early management of Criminal Compliance and anti-bribery Risks, as well as to reduce their unwanted effects in the case that they materialize, helping to generate an ethical culture and respect for the Law among all members of Cahero Holding in what is applicable to them.

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