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Corporate Profile

Cahero Factoring  was founded in Miami, Florida, specialized in offering Factoring, and Chain Supply Finance services for companies that export to the US worldwide


Our organization provides liquidity for international enterprises, we transact across all continents and provide tailored working capital solutions to drive global trade


We specialized in:


Recourse and Non-Recourse Export Factoring


Specialized in cross-border transactions and with an emphasis on eliminating trade risk, this financial tool helps companies accelerate cash flow, improve collections, and control exposure to bad debts


Supply Chain Finance


In addition to factoring your export accounts receivable, Cahero Factoring can finance your full supply chain, we use financing and risk mitigation techniques to optimize the management of working capital and liquidity in the supply chain


We offer our clients to generate the record of their accounts receivable through our platform, in order to our legal, and accounting team can validate them, and generate a transfer of the payment of their invoices in advance, discounting our fee


Our corporate structure allows us to offer you competitive rates, which generate stability in the operation of your company. The punctuality in the fulfillment of the structuring and validation of documents generates a high performance in our services, we offer a high level of quality, and security, within our Factoring and Chain Supply Finance operations, by constant comunication with our clients


To achieve success it is necessary to be focused, at Cahero Factoring we take care of your collection, so that you have the freedom to have a healthy cash flow through our services, we give you the peace of mind that your operation does not stop due to cash flow, so that you can offer a better service to your customers


Cahero Factoring offers you the most competitive rates, we are the best option in terms of costs, speed, and reliability, we are active members of:


  • International Factoring Association

  • American Factoring Association

  • Final Inspection Chamber

  • Chartered Financial Analyst Institute

We carry out our factoring rates, depending on the structure and needs of our clients. Our operation is supported with advanced technology software, integrated into our platform, which gives us access to high-end features


At Cahero Factoring, our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients, to generate success in their business through our services


We are available every day of the year, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly assist you