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Corporate Profile

Cahero Capital was founded in 2016 in Miami, Florida, with the objective of offering stable and low-risk returns to our investors. We achieve stability in our returns, thanks to our commercial operation, which is managed by Cahero & Solis Logistics, a Cahero Capital company, which has more than 20 years of operating in the United States and Canada, specializing in promoting factoring & dispatch service within the land freight industry.


We protect our factoring operation by apply a credit risk insurance, in order to certify each payment.

Our yield is generated through the advance payment of invoices issued by triple-A companies, for the freight land cargo service.

We focus on the following types of hauling transportation:

Dry Box: 


This box is designed to transport non-perishable packaged products. A unit generates an average annual gross income of US$ 240,000.00.


Refrigerated Box: 


This box is designed to transport packaged perishable products. A unit generates an average annual gross income of US$ 360,000.00.




Is defined as having the deck over the tires with no fenders, there are usually stake pockets and rub rails down the sides of the trailer, this platform is designed to transport heavy equipment, high volume material, heavy machinery, and more. A unit generates an average annual gross income of US$ 420,000.00.


Auto transport: 


Platforms that serve the purpose of satisfying the automotive industry.

There are different types of transport depending on the characteristics and requirements of the cargo such as: Single-level multi-car carriers, single vehicle hotshot trailers, multi-level multi-car carrier trailers. A unit generates an average annual gross income of  US$ 480,000.00.


Our investment strategy allows us to generate a revolving yield according to the demand for advance payment in the invoicing of our clients, therefore, we offer our investors an investment structure under the following parameters: 


  • Capitalization of the investment is structured in order to achieve stable, low-risk returns. 

  • An annual yield percentage is established under contract and is determined according to the term and amount of the investment.

  • The minimum term for withdrawal of capital is one year.

  • Interest is paid monthly, starting with the first payment the month after the contract is signed, and the return of capital is given at the end of the contract.

In the U.S. in 2018, business logistics costs were more than $1.6 trillion dollars, according to data provider by Statista.  Nearly two-thirds of the cost total was related to transportation, with inventory costs accounting for 30% of the total. 


By mode, trucking dominates transportation spend in the U.S. Inclusive of private fleets and less-than-truckload (LTL).  The trucking market in the U.S., is close to $800 billion dollars annually.


Through the rise of e-commerce, parcel transportation weighs in, as the second-biggest mode behind trucking. Rail including intermodal rail, comes in at third, accounting for 8% of U.S. freight transportation revenue in 2019.


Our performance occurs through our focus on triple-A companies, which are market leaders and grow year after year generating stability within our operation.


We have consolidated our presence within the United States of America and Canada, working only with triple-A companies invoices, has generated an organic growth in our performance, offering every time more attractive returns to our investors.


The companies from which we accept invoices for the execution of factoring, are leading companies in the following markets: Automotive Industry, pharmaceutical Industry, technology Industry, retail Industry, restaurant Industry and Products Industry.


At Cahero Capital, we make strategic alliances with government institutions and logistics corporations, that dominate the national market in order to perfect and expand our scope to provide factoring services.


Cahero Capital is the best option for an investor looking for security, stability, and profitability. Our operation is supported by advanced technology software. 

We have an integration within our operation that generates reports to Internal Revenue Services, creating transparency in our practice.


At Cahero Capital, our goal is to create a long-term relationship with our investors, and ensure growth through stable yields.


We are available every day of the year, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist you.